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niedziela, 24 czerwca 2012
Polish Sunday

I'm really, really sorry, I know, I promised to put this note quite long time ago... But I do it now, which is better than... later ;)

So, thats the first note translated by Wanda :) Enjoy!


24.VII, Sunday


I haven’t written about our attempts to go with Stefan for a day-trip during last days. But I confess to plotting and that plotting let us to delicious Sunday :) I’ll praise myself in a moment  (or rather Stefan – the originator and executer :)), but firstly I’ll show one photo from our way back from church.

We didn’t succeed with the Mass this week, because the virtual data did not correspond to the reality... We rode our bicycles for 13 km just to make it to the end of the Mass :( Well... At least the conditions for cycling are excellent (separate lane), so our trip was quite easy. And the background wasn’t too bad either ;)

And after that… Stefan came up and we set out on our journey. We didn’t even  know where we were going to, but we liked it very much ;)

We stopped in the reserve on the slope of Timpanogas Mountain and there was a surprise! – time for a picnic :) Stefan opened the trunk, where he had full fridge, coal and the box with everything what you need to feast your belly with your eyes and vivid imagination just in one second ;) We chose the nicest nook for our picnic and we  inaugurated the treat. I only wanted to add that we run into symptoms of gastronomic delight’s cult almost wherever we go here – there are a lot of picnic tables in the parks, always accompanied by grills, and car fridges, so large that they wouldn’t fit into an average passenger car, are one of the first products you see in every market ;)

Let’s go back to our little food temple ;) The main parts were played by: bacon, steaks, sausages, grilled onion and bread, pepper, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, apples, peaches, yoghurts, cacao and others :) Delectable company.   

We gorged ourselves indecently,  the doggie got  some table scraps  in reward for lying under the table nicely, we cleaned up and went further. While Polish hits were sounding from loudspeakers we were driving through twisting roads among beautiful views.  I’m giving regards from double gulp cup which can fit much more than 1 litre of cola. We like it ;)



Stop number two – Cascades and walk among springs spilling over in the mountains. And we could go with the dog. This is a life :) Juicy was cooled down by force, what he didn’t like the most ;) But here he looks happy :)




The last stop was the Mirror Lake. Beautiful sights, but mosquitos not so much :/ Each of us ate a sandwich, performing weird dance which should have made it impossible for mosquitos to drink our Polish blood. We weren’t really effective with our bouncing unfortunately.

We were dancing a little bit longer by the lake and jumped into the car.

There isn’t a lot of Wanda today, because she was the master of the camera and in the rest of time she was fighting bravely with blood suckers.


We will meet with Stefan during the winter in Warsaw next time.  We hold you to your promise :)

środa, 30 maja 2012
Another year

So, it happened. Today is 29th of May, exactly a year ago we started our travel. Unbelievable. It seems so long and so short time ago at once! A year ago we didn’t know how our traveling will look like and had no idea how wonderful it can be. And what today? Today we are thinking all the time about going somewhere again. And again and again :) Frankly speaking I’ve thought (I hope that it is proper tense. I’m still not good enough in English :/ Sorry) about it last weeks and months. I miss all of you, who we had luck to meet, I miss that feeling of going to places which I don’t know for adventures and experiences, which I can’t predict. I’m thinking about it almost all the time and dreaming about next travel. Especially about really big one. Going across the world is amazing. When you start it it’s hard to stop. And I hope I won’t :)

Thanks to all of you! All who we met and who helped us, spent time, or rather part of your life with us. And to you, who we didn’t meet, but who read this blog, we felt your presence, backing and it meant a lot! Thanks :)



Time for few words about our lives in Poland. Wanda does her PHD studies, she travels every week to another city (Katowice), where she has her university. She spends there two days and rest of time here, in Warsaw.

I have a job, which I didn’t even have to look for. It found me ;) When we came back in September, I had a phone call just after we landed. My friend had a work for me. It was on Thursday, and on Monday I started it ;) I work in school for disabled (physically and mentally) children. And I will be there for one more year.

I spend a lot of time training with Juicy. We do agility, obedience, and when we have opportunity, also herding. Juicy is getting better with frisbee too, maybe one day we will be really good at it. But it will take a lot of time ;)

Last month we took part in our first obedience competition, Juicy had 93/100 and took 3rd place. He worked good and it was very nice "first time” :)

Here is video of it:



So far we haven’t started in agi or herding competition, but maybe before the end of year we will :)

Here is our herding training from April (excited ver of Juicy ;)):


And little nice video from first days of May. Wanda prepared it. Here you can see wonderful place where we herd :)



What else does Juicy do? He walks with me a lot, runs when I bike, goes with me to school and do a little bit of therapy dog’s work and he is also getting better in many tricks. I think he deserved for a special video about it, but he doesn’t have such :(

Oh, there is one more thing about Juicy! He has his hair back :D We will see for how long. Kidding ;)


Is it the end of this post? Not exactly. I have a surprise. Actually Wanda has :) So…. She did translation of few more posts from our travel :) Thank you, Wanda! (Once again I want to thank Magda, who translated all blog, which you read so far!) So in next few days you will see first of it. Maybe till holydays English version will be completed? Who knows. But I think, that it is high time for it ;)


If you only would like to leave a comment, there is possibility on the bottom of website(those three blue words above likeit sign). I would be very happy to have few words from you :) If there are still people who check our blog ;)


Thanks for reading!!!

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